Comments on the Author’s
Tulip Temple Events

Last night’s Tulip Love healing event was just exquisite. I loved the space and the energy. Lovely to be with the Tulip Love Community again. Sarah Novick, Jerusalem

Thank you so much Eva for the Tulip meditation, it was a warm, intellectual and beautiful evening! Loved it and the Tulip Palace. Semadar Erez, Jerusalem

Our dear and beautiful Eva created a healing and relaxing evening for us, in that special way she knows how to do it, with special people and magical atmosphere. Judith Aries, Jerusalem

I am always so honored to share Reb Shlomo torah and my own stories at the Tulip Center: Eva creates a very holy, ‘high mishkan’ in her home which is a conduit for great universal Light and the love and support we all share has to have a positive effect on the cosmos!! Yasher koach to Eva and all the holy people who come!!!
Emunah Witt, Editor of Kol Chevre Publications.

I feel your heart in all your postings. You continue to be a profound light community builder and show-er of a bigger reality that embraces the outrageous pain and suffering. You expose your world into the light and into our consciousness.
Beverly Brunelle, Marin, California

Tulip Temple opened my heart and helped me to love fearlessly in the moment. I am so grateful and love you so much.
Jennifer MacKenzie Bruce, Oakland, California

I attended one of Eva Lindberg’s Tulip Temple in Marin several years ago. It was truly one of the most loving and gentle experiences about embracing your inner self and being able to walk with the inner knowing that you are your own Queen or King. Grateful to Eva, and all that she is doing in the World for peace, and for Inner Peace, too.
Lea Saslav, San Francisco, Marin.

Tänker på dig…. och det kommer djupa andetag, händer som sträcker sig som tulpaner uppåt himmelen, varma ögon som speglar ett brinnande ljus…
Anna Björk, Strandska, Gothenburg.

A year ago I was invited to play music and teach at the Tulip center. I was very pleased with how receptive the audience was. Eva was a perfect hostess. I hope to be able to continue the great connection and play and teach in the future.
Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, Ohr Chadash. Moshav Modeiin, Israel.

Rarely do we find a place with such a commitment to compassion and color, healing and tulips. Fun, artsy, heavenly . . . A haven and refuge as an inspired and creative home for all. Eva, her Temple, and her work evoke wild imagination and sublime respect. Wow!
James Wanless, Author of Voyager Tarot Deck, California

The Tulip Temple created amazing altered spaces and rooms at so many of our events (Anon Salon’s Perfumed Garden, Somarts, all of the Mystic Dance and Venusian events etc.) Honor thyself . . . visit a Tulip Temple event and be pampered by the Tulip Temple Healers as they honor you as the Goddess or God that you are.
Mark Bava, Anon Salon Productions, San Francisco, California

I have only had one Tulip Temple experience, but it is burnt into my memory for eternity, because of the intensity of the loving generosity expressed there.
Shalom, Photographer, Plush Studios, San Rafael, California

I was moved, touched, and inspired by the love and compassion with which the Tulip Temple healers treat their patrons. Who needs Prozac, when there are the Temple healers out there . . .
Ivan D. Mitchell, MD, San Rafael, California

Nothing is clearer than a Tulip, it is a pure crystal expression of Love! Thank you for sharing that with us!
Ross Drago, Director of Energy Art School, Berkeley, California

The Tulip Temple experience transported me back to the Middle East (or ancient times), like the Kings and Queens who were treated like royals as they were lovingly anointed or pampered by their caretakers . . . an archetypal experience that made me feel like an ancient King.
Dr. Michael Mayer, Bodymind Healing Publication, Orinda, California

Your work touches many, may your gardens blossom and multiply and spread to many, may you live to see the fruition! Thank you for all the healing, you have helped me on the path of change, and thank you for traveling so far in your heart and providing a space for others.
Scott Milne, Computer Programmer, Palo Alto, California

It is so different to come to your event as we are invited to go inwards (meditatively), and then we peak out in the room and meet each and everyone in their own place of inward journey.
Karen Kinsey, Dolphin Press, San Rafael, California

The Tulip Temple is a lovely, nurturing, and cozy event. Gentle and healing.
Jacqueline Lasahn, Astrologer, Astroflash, Berkeley, California

My husband and I felt like we had been touched by the Angels as our bodies and souls were replenished in the Holy Tulip Temple of Love. We went there in a time of exhaustion and felt the renewal our souls and hearts were in dire need of. We wish the whole world could enter into the sacred sanctum of the Tulip Temple and experience the joy and peace we did during our visit.
Linda Star Wolf & Bradford Collins Co-Directors of
The Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts and Founders of Shamanic Breathwork Process™, North Carolina

You have given to me through the love of your Tulip Temple, great joy, peace in my heart, and sacred bliss in my body. My love comes back to you ten thousand- fold, blowing softly over a Tulip fold of red and green.
Celestine Star, Golden-Star Production, San Rafael, California

After experiencing the Tulip Temple Healing, I returned home feeling a refreshed man, as if I had taken a nice cleansing shower after a long run. The empowerment I received helped me create connections in my community and miracles started to come into my life. What is even more wonderful, is that I feel I can reign as a King in a Kingdom where all are equals and dear to me… loved by its King.
Kamel Barghouti, Teacher and Peace Worker, Nazeret

You bring beauty to those who have never known it, and you bring Peace. You have touched my heart, shown me honor in service. Healed me. I entered the temple hurt, a love gone. Rejected. I leave, feeling loved.
Sean, Tulip Guest, Nevada

In my visit to the Tulip Temple, I found a very sacred, peaceful and nurturing space. Eva holds a high vibration of compassion, love and deep respect for the guests that come to be pampered.
Pia Jacobsson, Tulip Guest, Gothenburg