Tulip Love

Tulip Love

Artist Eva Ariela Lindberg presents Tulip Love: A Healing Model for Individuals and Communications, a guide to befriending one’s inner Self, open up to the healing and nurturing power of touch, and help build an empowering community. “Tulip” means “Perfect Love” in Persian mythology; here, the blooming process of the tulip is a metaphor for a positive model of healing and love suitable for individuals and communities alike. Tulip love also delves into the history, botany, and archetypal meaning of the tulip, even as it discusses how to draw more beauty into one’s life. A warm-hearted and appreciative self-help guide

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Full Interview with the Author of TULIP LOVE,Bringing Wisdom to Life is a podcast featuring interviews with visionary authors and educators exploring possibilities in life, love and work for living more healthy, happy and meaningful lives. Hosted by Jeff Wessman.
In the August 19, 2007 episode of Bringing Wisdom to Life, Eva discusses the powerful effect this humble yet regal flower has had on the human psyche, and how to use the tulip as a tool for deep personal and collective transformation.

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On May 4, 2012, A7 Radio’s “Life Lessons with Judy Simon” interviewed the “Tulip Lady” who explained how Tulips are both beautiful and regal, and bring us to our inner beauty. Eva shared how it surprised her how similar the spheres of Kabbalah were to her Tulip Love methods of healing, and easily incorporated Jewish teachings into her healing work. Eva explained that Tulip Love teaches us to bridge between two inner elements: our inner child, and our regal self. Tulips invite us to find our own inner peace, beauty, dignity and joy.

After such horticultural discourses as presented by Anna Pavord, Willem Lemmers and Mike Dash, another work must be added to the list of tomes written about tulips: Eva Ariela Lindeberg’s Tulip Love. Eva goes where no other author has gone before. She discusses the kabbalistic tulip; the healing tulip; the language of tulips as well as tulip exercises and meditations, to name only a few of her esoteric and profound explorations. A surprising and enlightening read.

Scott D. Appel, The Green Man Author of Tulips (Friedman/Fairfax, 1999)

A warm-hearted and appreciative self-help guide.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI, USA)

A great answer to our stressful lives . . . This may evoke a new era of romance and strengthen the building of communities, which we so need in our isolated lives.

Eric Vermetten, MD, Psychiatrist Ph.D., Netherlands

I see Tulips everywhere – before I did not even notice them . . . Beware, if you read this book , you might become a Tulip O’Holic!

Steven Blitz, Book Publisher, New York

Tulip Love uses the flower’s true symbolic value and beauty so we can learn from its delicate nature.

Tulip Healing is a great answer to our modern problems, where we live in disconnection to what is important in life, to the lack of places to relax and having moments to ourselves yet amidst a meaningful community setting.

Couples will also enjoy the TULIP LOVE book, as it describes a particular flower consciousness and how unconditional love is crucial for intimacy between beloveds. If a couple sees one another as a beautiful flower, things can improve in their inter-relating. The exercises are also geared for couples, as well as the body-oriented chakra system, in parallel to the Tulip symbolism.

Brian Jud, Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS),  Avon, Connecticut

Tulip Love Book, A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities

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