Tulip Love

Tulip Love

By Joanna Infeld Francis

In her book TULIP LOVE, Eva gracefully combines the physical with the metaphysical, the exoteric with the esoteric, the seen with the unseen and the practical with the ephemeral. Being an artist, she is sensitive to beauty, and as a healer, she is acutely tuned in to human suffering and the very human need for warmth, self-forgiveness, and a chance for renewal. The tulip symbolizes and brings together all these aspects of life and Eva sees and is reactive to the profound symbolism of the flower as manifested in its shape and color; she portrays these qualities in her paintings and embodies them in her work. She would like to see an abundance of all the majestic qualities come to life in the world, which so badly needs them. In her life’s work she attempts to bring these sacred human sentiments and behaviors out of dormancy, so they can emerge from scarcity to take their place in humanity’s future destiny: qualities like compassion, generosity, value, sharing, inspiration, and above all, love. Love here is defined as that noblest of human feelings, selfless and reaching out to oneself and the world without judgment but with acceptance and tolerance; a feeling of oneness, belonging and sameness; a feeling that calls for giving, sharing, healing, and forgiveness, and brings with it the possibility of a new start for all, no matter how old, experienced, or worn down by the vicissitudes of life a person may be.

Eva speaks of perfect love, love that transcends the self and recognizes the hallmark of a godly spirit in each and every person. She recognizes that we are all spiritual beings, capable of healing others and ourselves. With the innocence of a child, the sensitivity of an artist, and the wisdom of a healer, Eva shows the reader a way to commune with our deeper self and let the light shine through, so that it can illuminate the path ahead.

The shape of the tulip symbolizes a cup and our cup will run over if we let it, to fill the cup of another person, to pass on the gems of value, appreciation, gratitude, and love. Like all flowers, the tulip responds to the seasons of the Great Mother, and we can learn from its ability to respond to the conditions of its environment by taking on responsibility for our surroundings. We can make everything we touch better, rather than adopting an attitude of “use it and discard it”; we can grow with the seasons and build within ourselves a perennial bulb of fine qualities and connections that will last beyond the season of this life into the future. These are times when there is a generosity of spirit awakening in the world, perpetuated by people like Eva, who are attempting to find new ways of healing and renewal. May Eva’s words inspire you, as you read this book, to give yourself a new opportunity to share your light, your story and to see yourself as a bright spirit on life’s earthly journey, with every day opening up a new possibility for growth and development.

Joanna Infeld Francis, Tennessee, USA, is an author, lecturer, healer and co-founder of Feminenza, a women’s international network. She lives in a healing community of a dozen families, and she is the daughter of scientist Leopold Infeld, co-author of The Evolution of Physics with Albert Einstein.