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Tulip Love proposes a marriage between Tulips and Divine Love . . . through us! Click here to read  Tulip Love_ PREFACE

Tulip Love  was written with the help and the inspiration of people dedicated to the Delicate  Self in us all and all the teachings of dear Tulips. Click here to read  Tulip Love ACKNOWLEDGMENTS

 In her book TULIP LOVE, Eva gracefully combines the  physical with the metaphysical, the exoteric with the esoteric,  the seen with the unseen and the practical with the ephemeral. Click here to read  Tulip Love FOREWORD


A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities


A book created with TULIP LOVE  by Author, Eva Ariela Lindberg

Each chapter is numbered traditionally, as well as according to the Fibonacci spiral sequence. An explanation follows in the Introduction.

Part I
Tulip History, Planting and its Properties

Chapter 1—Chapter 1 1 History and Planting: “Tulip O’ Mania;” Botany; Gardening; Planting, Sacred Geometry and Manifestation.

Chapter 2—Chapter 2 17 Healing Properties: Symbolism; Remedies; Qualities; Transmissions.

Part II
From Individual to Community: The Tulip Healing Model

Chapter 3—Chapter 3 47 Individual Tulip Healing: Meditations; Insights; Exercises and Visualizations; Feng Shui Suggestions, and more.

Introduction to Chapters 4-7 65

Chapter 4—Chapter 5 67 Inner Tulip Child and Tender Care: Tulip Baby; Recharging Our Inner Children; Embryonic Regression and Innocence.

Chapter 5—Chapter 8 77 Regal Self and Royal Tulip Treatments: Tulip Regalness (Regality)—Grown Ups; Mother King, Father Queen;
We Are All Teachers.

Chapter 6—Chapter 13 89 The Unifying Link Between the Inner Child and Regal Self: Parental Love, Stages of Tulip Love Development.

Chapter 7— Chapter 21 97 The Tulip Temple–A New Flower-Conscious Healing Model: Main Intentions and Essences of the Tulip Healing Model; Archetypal Consciousness; Tulip Temple Guidelines.

Part III
The Experiential Tulip Sanctum

Chapter 8—Chapter 34 135 The Kabbalah Tulip: Tree of Life, Keter, Malchut and other Spheres with Parallels to Our Life, Hebrew Letters, Star of David, My Cup Runneth Over—Psalm 23.

Chapter 9—Chapter 55 153 Tulip Exercises & Meditations: Earth, Sky and Flower Meditations, Exercises for Friends and Beloveds, Hand Transmissions, Circle Meditations, Global Peace Meditations, Recommended States Of Being, Loving Affirmations.

Chapter 10—Chapter 89 179 Body-Oriented Tulip Parallels: Chakra System Parallels with the Tulip Vibration and the Healing Modality. Flower Consciousness, Heart Presence, Male and Feminine Presence in our bodies.

Part IV
Tulip Beings and Language

Chapter 11—Chapter 144 199 Past and Future Tulip Information: Tulip Society—Pods; Tulip beings; Tulip Rock Paintings; Ancient Headwear; Drop beings; The Future—Our Children.

Chapter 12—Chapter 233 237 Tulip Language: Sound Vibration; Dictionary; Coined Words.

Part V Private Tulip

Chapter 13—Chapter 377 245 Integration of Personal Experiences: Life’s Bridge—My Inner Tulip.

Chapter 14—Chapter 610 259 Personal Family History: My Parents, Holocaust Memory, My Sister Miriam.

Part VI
Tulip Prose and Testimonials

Chapter 15—Chapter 987 267 Tulip Sayings, Poems and Testimonials.

Appendix 283 Love cannot be measured by a fixed price;

Reference to (Chapter 7, Chapter 21) 284 Introduction to Kabbalah; Reference to (Chapter 8, Chapter 34) 286 9/11 Event; Reference to (Chapter 11, Chapter 144) 298

Glossary 293

Bibliography 297

List of Illustrations 299

About the Author 303