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Tulip Love” describes a New Healing System; using the metaphor of the flower as a tool for understanding the delicate human nature in relation to our stressful daily lives.  It talks about the healing properties of the flower, its symbolism as well as history, botany and planting tips. Images of Tulip related artwork, Tulip rock paintings, photographs and poems are also part of the book – almost like a Dictionary of Tulips!

The model is catered both to Individuals and Communities, providing tools how we can “Blossom into Love” through parallels to this flower’s mysterious ways of shining beauty from “an ego-less yet elegant way”. Kabbalistic secrets of the flower, exercises and archetypal meaning brings new tools how to relax into a deep and empowered sense of well-being.

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Blessings and with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela