TULIP LOVE  ~ Tulip Means Perfect Love in Ancient Persian Mythology.  To purchase the book, please scroll down.

Next Tulip Love New Moon Series 2021~ Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021. Join us for an exiting journey through the Zodiac while also learning about Tulip Healing . Tulip Love workshop series on zoom, with the focus on the Hebrew months, the Zodiac months, Kabbalistic meanings, Tulip exercises, meditation & more. The Series is from 11 Feb to 5 Dec. 2021. For Introduction event please check FaceBook Invite. Each month’s theme will be tailored with the Tulip Love healing work, such as the ‘Inner Tulip’ inner growth and ‘Regal Self’ empowerment, so that by the end of the year, we can become Perfect Blossoms.

To view the Introduction ~13 Jan 2021, with the month’s message & Tulip exercises. 

To sign up for the Tulip Love New Moon events per month, $18 please register here
For the whole year $180 please register here

For more information contact us at info@tuliplove.com. Blessings and with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela

Tulip Love Book, A Healing Model for Individuals and Communities
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